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Integrated Industry

Full transparency for your system.

Integrated Industry is AERZEN's smart solution for increasing transparency, plant safety and efficiency in process air supply. With the central control instrument, data can be transmitted, analysed and monitored worldwide. Process reliability thanks to digitisation for all industries.

Ready for Industry 4.0

The control technology made by AERZEN was developed in order to be able to generate a volume flow adapted to the current demand. The innovative and highly efficient controls automatically regulate the use of different blower or compressor combinations according to actual requirements. This enables the machines to be controlled as efficiently as possible and very closely to the load curve, and prevents plants from supplying process air over and above the current requirement.

With the Integrated Industry solution AERZEN goes one step further. The combination of various control and regulation technologies in combination with real-time data transmission offers absolute transparency and process reliability.


AERtronic is a modern, uniform and at the same time intelligent control system for assemblies that offers a wide range of options for controlling, monitoring, securing and maintaining the systems. As a basic version and sole solution already a good instrument for more transparency, through possible extensions and in combination with further control technology from AERZEN, you get the optimal component for your industry 4.0 concept.

Whether it's convenient frequency inverter control for more flexibility in a process or communication interfaces and vibration monitoring for targeted monitoring from anywhere in the world. If several machines are in use, their operation can be homogenised and energy efficiency further optimised with intelligent and smart master controls. Take advantage of our Integrated Industry solutions for more transparency, safety and unlimited scalability.

Increase of machine transparency

You can view and individually configure a high degree of transparency regarding the plant status, operating data, operating hours, error messages, etc. online. Any place, any time.

Maximise machine utilisation and efficiency

Strong fluctuations in compressed air requirements characterise load operation in a wide variety of systems. The innovative machine controls are the intelligent building block that distributes the required pressure and volume flow in the existing machine park configuration so that the operating points are operated as efficiently as possible.

Control components

Intelligent AERZEN control technology. Designed to give you more. More transparency about your plant’s status. More safety, at any time at the optimum operating point. More possibilities to perform targeted analyses. Or to integrate additional control components.

AERtronic Master
The AERtronic Master makes it possible to improve the overall plant efficiency and to utilise individual machines in a more homogeneous way. In addition, the AERtronicMaster allows you to graphically display the machines' operating status and to transmit the data to your control room in compressed form.      read more

The master machine control system, the AERsmart, ensures high system efficiency. The performance ranges and efficiencies are integrated into the control algorithm and analysed. Thus, the existing machine configuration is operated at the optimum energy level.      read more

A single module that has it all: WebView offers you the decisive plus in plant transparency. WebView visualises, analyses and stores the current process data. In addition, it automatically generates integrated fault and status messages. Once connected to the system, all process data can be displayed completely via stationary or mobile devices. Locally or worldwide.      read more

With AERZEN Profinet? you establish a simple and bidirectional connection to your control room. This gives you greater flexibility in the implementation of reliable and safe plant expertise and, of course, independence from manufacturers.

How efficient, safe and transparent is your system really?

Our specialists for integrated industry solutions and our application specialists know your industry and the possibilities for more efficiency, safety and transparency. Contact us and demand our competence!

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