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Canned motor blowers

Positive Displacement Blowers

Positive displacement blower for industrial high vacuum technology

AERZEN blowers with canned drive are designed for the conveyance of neutral (HM design) and aggressive (CM design) gases and are used in industrial high-vacuum technology. This series is characterised by impressive levels of efficiency and high reliability.

CM version for aggressive gases:

The AERZEN CM series, with a total of 14 sizes, covers theoretical intake volume flows from 110 m3/h to 15,340 m3/h and pressure ranges up to 10-5 mbar abs. The advantages at a glance:

  • ATEX-certification for zone 0 (internal)
  • Optimum selection possibilities by 4 different motor variants
  • High mechanical load (up to 150 mbar) and therefore, decrease of pump-down periods
  • Only little consumptions of water, nitrogen and oil
  • Appropriate for the application under clean-room conditions
  • Big control range by means of frequency converter from 1.450 to 7.400 rpm resp. from 1.240 to 2.900 rpm
  • Vertical and horizontal conveying direction possible

HM version for neutral gases:

With 9 sizes of type HM, AERZEN also covers the theoretical intake volume flow from 406 m3/h to 15,570 m3/h up to a vacuum of 10-5  mbar abs. The advantages at a glance:

  • Optimal selection possibilities by 4 motor variants
  • High mechanical strength (up to 230 mbar in case of HM) und consequently considerable reduction of pumping down times
  • Low water, nitrogen consumption
  • Suitable for application under clean room conditions
  • Large control range by means of frequency converter with proven parameters tuned to the Aerzen Canned Motor Blowers
  • Vertical and horizontal direction of flow possible
Type of technology
Positive Displacement Blowers
Volume flow
110 to 15,570 m3/h
air , neutral gases , aggressive gases
Final vacuum
Max. 10^-5 mbar
Pressure difference
Max. 10^-5 - 200 mbar

The reason why manufacturing processes are optimised by a high delta p.

AERZEN canned motor blowers significantly reduce pump down time, which leads to an increase of the output ratio in production. This is a big step towards process optimisation.

Design and construction

AERZEN vacuum blowers are provided with O-ring seals at the casing flanges. Further important advantages of the blower stage are vacuum tightness and air cooling. Lubrication oil is supplied by splash lubrication. Mineral oil can be used as a lubricant, as well as the PFPE oil, generally used in semiconductor technology. The canned motor blowers are equipped with a special rectangular ring-labyrinth-seal between the conveying chamber and the bearing chamber. Additionally, an amply dimensioned neutral chamber with condensate channels is installed. Optionally, the neutral chamber can be purged with seal gas, in order to achieve an increased sealing effect. The integrated canned motor ensures the sealing of the drive shaft. A shaft passage to atmosphere can therefore be omitted, making it technically possible to achieve significantly higher rotation speeds.

Neutral or aggressive gases? Aerzen offers solutions for both!

AERZEN blowers with canned drive are designed for the conveyance of neutral (HM version) and aggressive (CM version) gases and are especially used in the industrial high-vacuum technology. Canned motor blowers always work in combination with a backing pump*. 
This backing pump starts operating at atmosphere. The canned motor blower is connected typically at approx. 50 to 200 mbar and the pump down process begins. Depending on the application, liquid ring pumps, sliding vane rotary vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps or blowers are used as the backing pump. When supplied with AERZEN frequency converters and special parameter sets, operation with the backing pump starting from atmospheric pressure is also possible.


  • Semiconductor industry
  • Micro-electronics
  • Production of flat screens
  • Laser technology
  • Solar technology
  • Helium leak indicating units
  • Chemical process technology
  • Foil and glass coating
  • Manufacture of melting furnaces
  • Evacuation of hydrogen

*An additional backing pump (multi stage system) is always required when using an AERZEN vacuum blower with canned drive.

Information & documents

  • Canned motor blower [G1-093]
    [Product Brochure]
  • Rotary Piston - vacuum pump - with canned motor drive [G4-012]
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